Taking good care of my skin has been important to me for as long as I can remember. I chose to have skincare as a main topic of my site because, what used to be a way to improve my blemished skin has become a passion of mine. Read more about my entire skincare story below and why I don't believe pampering your skin is all vanity. 


As a young teen I tortured my skin...

I started to break out all over my face. Little red bumps everywhere. I was one of the very first in my class to hit puberty, so that made my insecurities even worse. With a bit of the skincare knowledge my mom passed on to me I quickly started cleansing my skin every day and night. I was using very harsh toners ans cleansers because back then, it was taught that astringent skincare would clear your skin. 

When I think back to how I tortured and dehydrated my poor skin, I cringe to be honest. But I didn't know any better at the time. 


As a high schooler I was introduced to new products...

I started to gain an interest for youtube. It was back in 2008 when the community was relatively small but I quickly found some girls in there that has the same interest as me - taking care of your skin. I discovered girls like JuicyStar07, AllThatGlitters21 and missglamourazzi (if you recognize any of these oldschool youtube usernames, I salute you!). These were girls that would review different products every week. It got me very familiar with what was on the market and which new products would launch. 

I continued to buy mostly harsh products. Especially toners and cleansers with a high amount of alcohol in them. I didn't really think to invest in a good moisturizer, as I have oily skin. That would probably have been a good idea though. But again, the mainstream media had ingrained a philosophy of rough and stripping skincare into my mind. 


As a girl turning 20 I made an amazing discovery...

I started getting more into French skincare. Around 6 back I came across a video make up artist Lisa Eldridge had posted called 'French Pharmacie Skincare Favourites'. This was when I first was introduced to the beautifully gentle world of French skincare. That next summer, I funnily enough, was going on vacation to France. At this point I had done so much research on it that I knew exactly what I wanted to buy and try out.  

Turned out that my skin was loving the new products. French pharmacy skincare brands are most often hypoallergenic and rarely contains harsh and artificial ingredients. This was the beginning to a new chapter in my skin health. I learned that harsh product does nothing good for your skin and I started to avoid them at any cause. 


As a girl in her early 20s I had a skincare revolution...

In 2014 at the age of 22 I was admitted as an exchange student at a university in Seoul, Korea. I knew very little about the country when I decided to apply. I just knew that I wanted to challenge myself in all aspect, so I chose a very different culture than my own. Living in Korea taught me so many things that I would never trade for anything in the world. One of the aspects in which Koreans are very different from us Danes is how they take care of their skin. From small children they are taught that the sun is very bad and that you should always protect yourself against it, when going out. 

On every corner of the street in Seoul, you will see a 'road shop brand' skincare store. It is such an ingrained part of their culture. I also learned that Korea is the most innovative and revolutionary country in the world when it comes to skincare. Many of the trends regarding skin products, we see in the Western world, stems from South Korea. Having a natural interest for skincare already, I started digging deep into it all. I wanted to know all about double cleansing, emulsions, essences and chemical exfoliants. 

Today, I care a lot about the ingredients in my products and what they do for my skin. I was never into chemistry back in high school, but skincare has made me get into it (haha!). If you put all the time I have spent on wandering around Korean skincare stores + researching the products and ingredients, I have probably spent week. And I am not even ashamed to say that. 

My skin is currently the best it's been since I hit puberty as an 11 years old. I acredit that 100% to Korean skincare!

To me, skincare is so much more than just wanting to look good. It is a form of self-love. In essence you take care of your body. The only vessel you were given. Your temple.When you take good care of your skin you do look good. When you look good you feel good. And that's when you will most likely be your best self and life your best life. 


Love, Louise